The online distance learning Certificate of Advanced Studies Program in Knowledge Management combines the advantages of e-learning with traditional distance learning. Participants work online at their own pace, whenever and wherever they wish, on the road, at home, or at the place of work.

Study takes place in a personalized manner according to the participants own learning preferences and learning styles. Learning materials are interactive, multimedia, can be downloaded and turned into print, and easily adaptable to individual needs. After successfully completing the application procedure, participants are assigned a coach and receive per Email all the information needed to access the learning platform and begin studying.

General Information

The coach initiates a virtual one-to-one kick-off meeting in order to orient the participant in the use of the learning platform, explain the procedures and learning materials, and discuss the personal learning interests and preferences of the participant.

The Online Certificate in Knowledge Management equips participants with the skills they need to initiate, plan, and implement knowledge management projects in a wide variety of different institutional settings in both the private and the public sectors. Students get a thorough background in both theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge management. The Program offers praxis oriented training and coaching so that participants can realize real-life projects and solve problems they are currently working on during the Program and gain valuable experience while involved in the course of studies.

The Program can be taken as an independent Certificate of Advanced Studies course (20 European Credit Transfer System Points) or as a module in the MBA E-Learning & Knowledge Management Program offered by the Institute for Communication & Leadership IKF located in Lucerne, Switzerland.


The CAS Knowledge Management enables participants

  • To plan, initiate, implement, and evaluate knowledge management projects in private enterprises, public service administration, and educational institutions.
  • To take on responsibilities as “Knowledge Manager” in different organizational settings and to direct knowledge management activities.
  • To offer effective and innovative consulting in all areas of knowledge management including personal knowledge management, organizational KM, technologies and tools for KM.
  • To design and manage knowledge processes

Target Group

The online CAS in Knowledge Management is designed to meet the needs of:

  • Decision makers and managers in private as well as public organizations of all types

  • Persons responsible for developing and optimizing knowledge processes and knowledge sharing at all stages of the value chain.

  • Persons directing projects in innovation, change, research, and development.

  • Consultants

  • IT experts and managers, who are responsible for implementing knowledge management solutions, applications, and tools.

  • Decision makers, instructors, and consultants in education and training in both the public and the private sectors.


Module 1 - Introduction to Knowledge Management

  • What is Knowledge Management?

  • History & Future Perspectives of Knowledge Management

  • The Global Knowledge Society

  • Introduction to Knowledge Management Technologies

  • Uses of Knowledge Management in the Private and Public Sectors

  • Tasks & Evaluation

Module 2 - Theories and Models of Knowledge Management

  • Political, Economic, & Scientific Factors of KM

  • The Probst Model

  • The Nonaka/Takeuchi Model

  • The Münich Model (Mandl / Reinmann)

  • Current Developments in KM

  • Tasks & Evaluation

Module 3. Soft Factors in Knowledge Management

  • Introduction to Human Factors in KM

  • Individual, Organization, Technology

  • Motivation, Trust, Communication, Explicit/Implicit Knowledge & Knowledge Culture

  • Case Studies

  • Tasks & Evaluation

Module 4. Learning Organizations, Systemic Knowledge Management

  • Basics of System Theory & Cybernetics

  • Systemic Management

  • Learning Organizations & Organizational Learning

  • Case Studies

  • Tasks & Evaluation

Module 5. Project Management for Knowledge Management

  • Introduction to Project Management

  • Project Management Tools and Techniques

  • Implementing Knowledge Management Projects

  • MEMO Framework

  • Case Studies

  • Tasks & Evaluation

Module 6. Knowledge Visualization

  • Introduction to Knowledge Visualization

  • Theories of Knowledge Visualization

  • Methods and Techniques

  • Tools for Knowledge Visualization

  • Case Studies

  • Tasks & Evaluation

Module 7. Instruments & Technologies for Knowledge Management

  • Overview of Tool, Methods & Techniques of Knowledge Management

  • Tasks & Evaluation

Module 8. Collaboration, Communities & Networks

  • Introduction to Communities and Networks

  • KM 2.0 Social Media & Knowledge Management

  • Communities of Practice & Knowledge Networks

  • Tools, Methods, Issues and Problems with Communities and Networks

  • Case Studies

  • Tasks & Evaluation



Cost overview

logoPartnerschaft mit dem Swiss Knowledge Management Forum SKMF, der zentralen Plattform in der Schweiz zum Thema Wissensmanagement für Praktiker, Entscheider und Interessierte. Mitglieder des SKMF erhalten vergünstigten Zugang zu den Kursen des IKF und Studierende des IKF im Bereich Knowledge Mangement erhalten eine kostenlose Jahresmitgliedschaft beim SKMF. mehr Infos zum SKMF

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